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This is a very engaging release from husband and wife duo Adam and Amy Pope, who have been releasing music together since 2017. Prior to that Adam had played in a variety of bands and performed regularly at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. He is from North Carolina and his musical interests focus in the arena of country, rockabilly and bluegrass. Amy comes from a church background where she sang gospel and worship songs in Tennessee and her voice is beautifully textured and very expressive. In 2015 Adam released a really excellent country album titled Story and Song and it included 14 different songs with an introductory tale before each track. It was a suitably different approach to an album and one that could have become a train wreck, but the very personable narration from Adam Pope worked really well in this case, adding context to the song meanings. Certainly worth checking out. The couple have a strong Christian faith that runs through their songwriting like a chord that connects them to the important things in life such as family, honest living and helping out your neighbour. Much of this sentiment finds its way into the lyrics and the songs are performed in a very attractive tapestry of different colours. The eleven tracks are all very inviting and the overall production from Darin Aldridge is impressive in the bright sound and the clarity of the instrument mix. Nine of the songs are co-writes between Adam Pope and other writers, their collaborations producing some real moments of magic. A cover of Ring Of Fire (Carter/Kilgore) is also included and the slow arrangement is superbly judged to give the iconic song a greater nuance in the vocal duet and the delivery that mirrors both passion and desire. Kite and a String is a song written by mother and daughter team Robyn and Jackson Collins. It could equally be a love song between a husband and wife but the meaning can also transfer to a parent and child in wanting to live our dreams but also needing to remain grounded ‘‘Can’t touch the sky without a dream… ‘A kite can’t be a kite without a string.’ Many of the songs speak of old traditional values and Granny and Pa is such an example with sage advice passed down to the younger generation from older wisdom accumulated over years of living. Songs of love and commitment are refreshing in their delivery and You Melt Me, I’m There and Memories Worth Making are fine examples of the bond formed between husband and wife, across the years and through both good times and bad. Lord, All I Need Is You is a song of faith and of overcoming doubts and fears. Having belief and faith gives the strength to overcome every challenge. Other songs such as This Ain’t the Gospel and Playing Patsy are a look at the other side of relationships where things don’t always work out and hard decisions lead to a time for change presenting itself. The need to break away from routine and take a vacation in the sun is captured on Alabama Coast an up-tempo number that celebrates the good things to be gained by a trip to the sunny side. Face to Face is a standout song that looks at returning to old values like communicating with each other and realising that people are all we really need in order to get by. It is the perfect example of the simple acceptance offered on this album. The musicianship is superb throughout with the studio musicians lifting the songs with some creative interplay between fiddle and pedal steel, the use of dobro and mandolin adding to the symmetry of the varied guitar dynamics, and occasional harmonica all blending with the subtle rhythm section. The musicians are Adam Pope (vocals and rhythm guitar), Amy Pope vocals), Darin Aldridge (vocals, mandolin, lead and rhythm guitar), David Johnson (fiddle, dobro, electric guitar, pedal steel, harmonica), Tim Surrett (bass), Tony Creasman (drums). There is also a guest appearance from Kenzie Wetz on harmony vocals for one song. Overall, the chemistry between the musicians is very evident throughout and this is a very fine album that is worthy of your time and investment.” - Paul McGee

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“Playing Patsy” – Traveling husband and wife duo Adam and Amy Pope have turned in this stellar little classic country tune paying tribute to Patsy and the timeless theme of heartache that’s just screaming for attention from classic country fans. ” - Kyle "Trigger"


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